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Meet Dr. Dermacare, the Derma Roller Brand with Psychodermatology at its Core | australia

Dr. Dermacare has today announced its official re-launch. Beauty lovers in New Zealand and Australia can now shop the new and improved line of derma rollers and more at the Dr. Dermacare website.

The upgraded line of derma rollers at Dr. Dermacare features surgical grade stainless steel needles, available in both derma roller .3mm and derma roller .5mm options, to ensure optimal skin penetration and better results. They are safe and gentle, featuring an elegant, ergonomic design for a spa-like experience at home. Dr. Dermacare derma rollers have been shown to reduce wrinkles, soften fine lines, improve skin texture, reduce scarring, and support collagen and elastin repair.

The rollers also meet very strict TGA ( Therapeutic Goods Administration) requirements and are registered as medical devices. This certification means all derma rollers adhere to very strict guidelines and criteria giving all customers peace of mind. Dr. Dermacare stresses the importance of using high quality rollers at home. Many of the cheaper derma rollers on the market today use discs of pointy teeth, not actual needles. They also use titanium coated needles, which leads to a thicker point, which when rolled can cause damage to your skin. Dr. Dermacare only uses surgical grade stainless steel which is used and recommended by leading Dermatologists. Stainless steel needles are more hygienic and allow for a finer, sharper high -precision point. The needles on a Dr. Dermacare derma roller are individually placed by hand into the needle drum. Other brands use discs of teeth that are simply glued together and can cause damage and irritation when rolled onto your skin.

Dr. Dermacare was created by Emma Johnson, who holds a master’s degree in psychology and a certification in Reiki. Her focus is on psychodermatology, and through her company, Johnson helps people love their skin, feel happier, and get a confidence boost every time they practice their daily skincare routine.

Meet Dr. Dermacare, the Derma Roller Brand with Psychodermatology at its Core | australia
Numerous studies have linked anxiety and depression with skin concerns. Scientific data shows that stress leads to higher levels of cortisol, which in turn leads to acne breakouts and a potentially advanced aging process. These are just a few examples of psychodermatology, which is the study of the link between emotional well-being and overall skin condition. In other words, our mind affects our skin, and our skin affects our mind. This emerging science is at the core of Dr. Dermacare’s practices and products.

Johnson’s personal experience in psychodermatology began 20 years ago, when she suffered from acne and felt self-conscious about her skin. Not only did she find herself combating physical blemishes, but Johnson also struggled with the emotional aspect of her skin concerns. Johnson set out on a mission to nourish her skin and uplift her mindset towards her skin, which led her to the creation of Dr. Dermacare. Now, she helps people enjoy the effects that a healthy skincare routine can have on one’s mental health.

“You can’t completely treat the skin without focusing on the psychological side, as well. Science clearly shows a strong connection between psychology, stress, and physiology. Dr. Dermacare is here to help reduce the impacts of stress on the skin by giving people a healthy, gentle skincare routine that involves some of the best skincare products on the market today,” said Johnson.

Meet Dr. Dermacare, the Derma Roller Brand with Psychodermatology at its Core | australiaDr. Dermacare gives its customers the derma rollers they need to create a healthy daily skincare routine, enjoy healthy and glowing skin, and boost their mindset. The company also offers complementary skincare products for daily use including: Be Happy, a hyaluronic acid and prebiotic serum which contains 4 different types of hyaluronic acid for longer lasting, deeper hydration. Be Sassy, an ultrafine pure 100% vitamin C powder that instantly dissolves into your serums and creams. And Be Vibrant, a 25% vitamin C and kakadu plum serum. Derma rollers for hair growth are also available.

The Dr. Dermacare lineup also includes self-care daily ritual packages, which include a derma roller, professional derma roller sanitizer spray, and skincare product. Free shipping is available on qualifying orders, with flexible payment options available upon checkout. Dr. Dermacare goes beyond the sale to offer a stress-free skincare guarantee that offers $50 towards self-care if a shopper isn’t satisfied with the results of their derma roller. This exclusive, one of a kind guarantee not only gives customers their money back if they are dissatisfied, but also contributes an extra $50 to any self care option of their choice. This could be anything from yoga, to a reiki session or just an indulgent but relaxing massage.

Shoppers can take the Perfect Match Quiz to find out which derma roller is perfect for them, and anyone who wants to learn more about psychodermatology can do so through the site’s Skincare School. Wholesale opportunities are available.

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Emma Johnson

Nice to meet you I'm Dr. Dermacare! I created the Dr. Dermacare brand as a way to combine my two passions, Psychology & skincare. I have struggled with my skin on & off for many years & have learned first-hand, that overcoming a skin condition takes more than a clear complexion. While we work to fade physical scars & imperfections, we rarely think to treat the psychological scars. In fact, many people don’t even know they’re there. That’s where Psychodermatology comes into play, & why Dr. Dermacare’s goal has always remained simple: to deliver scientifically backed, results-driven products that give you happy skin and a happy mind. I can’t wait to share our amazing, purpose- driven products with you!