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Have you met Emma Johnson?

If you’d like to learn more about how Dr. Dermacare came to be, and the brilliant mind behind the brand, allow us to introduce you.

Let’s start from the beginning

Emma’s story begins eighteen years ago in New Zealand. Like most of us, Emma had concerns about the health and appearance of her skin. In this instance, she suffered from acne.

Leaving behind a trail of failed products and ineffective solutions, Emma found herself battling more than blemishes – she was fighting to maintain her overall being. The health of her skin had both physical and psychological impacts, and she knew it was time to do something about it.

From here, Emma’s affinity with Psychodermatology was born, and effortlessly blended with a love of effective, science-backed skincare. Tireless research, work, and testing (on herself!) resulted in the original Dr. Dermacare system launching nearly two decades ago.

The Evolution of Dr. Dermacare

Emma learned first-hand that overcoming a skin condition takes more than a clear complexion. While we work to fade physical scars and imperfections, we rarely think to treat the psychological scars. In fact, many people don’t even know they’re there. That’s where Psychodermatology comes into play.

To put it simply, Psychodermatology studies how the skin and mind interact. ‘Psycho’ focuses on healing mental or emotional side effects, while ‘Dermatology’ focuses on physically treating the condition at skin level. You can find out more about that here.

Armed with a Masters’ Degree in Psychology, certification in Usui Ryoho Reiki, and a commitment to bettering wellness levels globally, Emma has set out to make a meaningful change in the lives of her customers through products that combine the most effective ingredients with the best self-care practices.

Every new creation is fueled by purpose, requiring its own level of thoughtful application that begins to form a wellbeing ritual. That ritual can produce amazing results for our mind thanks to serotonin boosting properties, proven to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress across the board.

The Latest in Skincare & Wellbeing

Dr. Dermacare’s goal has always remained simple: to deliver scientifically backed, results-driven products that give you happy skin and a happy mind.

As the world learns more about the psychological impacts of what we perceive as ‘bad’ skin, Emma works tirelessly to fight the symptoms and deliver a solution that makes you happy. That’s why Emma set off on a journey to France, to research and meet with engineers who were highly skilled in developing rollers.This equipped Emma with unparalleled expertise in derma rolling and now Dr. Dermacare is one of the longest selling and original derma roller brands in Australasia…not bad huh?

A word from Emma

Welcome to the sisterhood of skincare

The Dr. Dermacare brand is a reflection of my personal philosophy and values. We’re a no-nonsense brand with the simple goal of helping our customers get results.

I’ve been blessed in my career to work in many different arenas, from  top Law firms, to owning and managing a hospitality business and even educating offenders in remand prison!

Psychology and skincare are my passions, and are at the heart of the brand.

So if you want the truth about derma rollers and skincare, a healthy dose of wisdom backed by years of experience and expertise, or even a quick chat about your skin concerns, or ways we can help you connect with some soul care, then call or message me, or a member of my team.

Excited to hear from you soon!

Warmest wishes

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