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Frequently asked questions

Will skin needling damage my skin?

No, unlike laser or other skin treatments microneedling & derma rollers will not damage your skin, and are very safe to use at home. This is what makes it an ideal treatment for anti- ageing. The needles do not destroy the epidermis and the channels are closed within an hour. Never use, or let any professional use needles longer than 1.5mm.

Will skin needling improve product penetration?

Yes, numerous studies have proven the penetrating effects of skin needling. The Dr. Dermacare beginner .3mm roller is  designed to enhance the benefits of skincare products. If you do not see any improvement after using a Dr. Dermacare roller for 3 months, then you need to carefully examine the skincare products you currently use as they might not contain any or adequate amounts of active ingredients. This is why for best results we recommend you use our Dr. Dermacare skin care products as we can guarantee they contain a high percentage of active ingredients.

How often can the roller be used?

You can use the roller as often as you like, but as soon as it starts to lose its sharpness ( like a razor blade) you will need to replace it. Dr. Dermacare recommends 100-120 applications for each roller, depending on how long you roll for each time.

How long should I roll for?

All rollers come with instructions, but on average it shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes to roll your entire face.

Do I need to apply any pressure when I roll?

No, just let the needles do their job, there is no need to push them into your skin.

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