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Treat Multiple Skin Concerns with One Easy Skincare Tool

The Derma-Roller is a TGA listed Skincare Tool, which targets many common skin concerns from the convenience of your own home. Achieve professional results with our safe, easy to use dermaroller.


  • Acne Scarring
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Sun Damage & Pigmentation
  • Aging
  • Stretch Marks & Cellulite

Achieve Amazing Skincare Results without Surgery or Salons!

The derma roller is a painless, effortless, cost - effective answer to clearer, more youthful - looking skin. Better yet, it’s completely natural. Dermarolling offers you more youthful, radiant skin without injections, chemicals, or hefty ongoing costs.

How does the Derma-Roller work?

Our derma-roller utilises surgical-grade stainless steel finished with enhanced diamond-tipped technology to gently and painlessly disrupt the outer layers of the skin. Derma-rolling is such a comfortable self-care practice you’ll find it hard to believe that there are almost 200 surgical grade stainless steel micro-points at work.

Supercharge Your Serums

Rolling the cylinder against your skin creates hundreds of tiny micro-channels, allowing active ingredients in serums and treatments to penetrate up to 4000% times deeper than regular use.

What does that mean for you?

  • Achieve visible results faster from your skincare routine
  • Treat your skin on a deeper level for impactful, long-term results

Boost Biological Defenses

When you create these tiny micro-channels in the outer layer of your skin, your body works to repair them fast! That speeds up the natural cell regeneration process.

What does that mean for you?

  • Increased cell turn-over for a more even skin tone and glowing skin
  • Increased collagen production to fight fine lines and wrinkles, encouraging firm, youthful skin

Is your appearance on your mind?

Through years of research and dedication to results, we’ve developed our skincare range and our derma-roller to make a real difference in the lives of our customers. Yes, the lives.
At Dr Dermacare, we believe in the power of Psychodermatology. We all know that taking care of our physical health is essential to mental health, but we often forget about the skin while we work to nourish our bodies.
Suppose you exercise for the health of your cardiovascular system, drink water for your kidneys and liver, and take vitamins for your immune system. Why would you disregard the largest vital organ, your skin?

A skin care routine that feels good with psychological benefits that feel great.
Did you know that healthy skin functions can influence a happy mind through the power of Psychodermatology. Find out more by visiting this link

No Fuss.

Simple to use and easy to store. Your derma-roller comes with a special cover to protect the head of the roller when not in use.

No Nasties.

Our 100% natural skincare tool boosts skin functions. No risk of expiring additives means the dermaroller lasts up to 120 uses.

No Gimmicks.

When you make your purchase with us, you’re getting an original, high-quality derma-roller built to generate results, not profit.

The Experts in Dermarolling

Dermarolling is not a new practice – and we’ve been a leading global provider of derma-roller skincare tools since the beginning. What makes our derma-roller stand out from the crowd?

Not all  derma-rollers are made the same.
Surgical Grade Stainless Steel needles are backed by Doctors as the safest option when it comes to hygiene in derma-rolling practices, and that’s why we’ll never use any other metal. Studies suggest that titanium and other metals can leave you susceptible to infection.

Beware – there are still titanium disc dermaroller products on the market.

Every diamond-tipped needle on our roller is placed individually, while other companies can use discs of false needles. These discs behave more like grinding cogs, or teeth, and can tear or damage your skin, causing infection.

Not all derma-rollers are graded the same.
Dr Dermacare is TGA listed, meaning not only is our dermaroller an official ,medical device-it meets the standards of an official national regulatory body.

Not all companies can say the same.
Many providers are taking financial shortcuts to provide you with a cheaper product and scary results. Meanwhile, the team at Dr Dermacare are putting profits last, with a money-back guarantee and a pinky promise, that if we can’t help you achieve your skincare dreams, we’ll pay for you to see someone who can.

Find out more about that here.

A skin care routine that feels good with psychological benefits that feel great.
Did you know that healthy skin functions can influence a happy mind through the power of Psychodermatology. Find out more by visiting this link

We’re here for your skin.
For more information or for advice on your particular areas of concern, please contact us.

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