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5 Tips to Improve your Emotional Wellbeing

Across the globe, Psychodermatology is becoming a powerful foundation for skincare practice. Combining science with wellness, Pyschodermatology focuses on nurturing the mind to in turn nourish the skin. It’s not just about “looking good, feeling good” anymore. Psychodermatology reverses this philosophy to make your emotional wellbeing a priority within your daily skincare routines.

So, how does it work? Good question! Studies have proven that a connection exists between our minds and bodies, meaning when one is affected, so is the other. This is particularly evident in cases of stress or mental illness.

That’s why at Dr. Dermacare, our purpose is to provide you with skincare that changes your mind. Not only that, we’ve saved you time by putting together 5 easy ways for you to improve your emotional wellbeing, while working towards happier, healthier skin.

  1. Stand like the superhuman you are.
    At the end of your skincare routine, take a few minutes to practice your ‘Superman’ pose. Studies have shown that standing in the ‘Superman’ pose with your hands on your hips, your shoulders back, and your chin held high triggers a powerful emotional response. Not only does this pose work to improve your posture, but it also boosts your mood, increases confidence, clears thoughts, and creates positivity around your self-perception. Top tip: Add a smile to boost dopamine and serotonin levels. Zero effort, infinite rewards.
  2. Learn to love yourself.
    Positive affirmations do wonders for our wellbeing by retraining our thought patterns so that we learn to think and live more optimistically. Start by choosing three things you’d like to believe about yourself.Examples are.
    I am beautiful.
    I am brave.
    I am brilliant.Create a mantra that you will remember. Say it out loud to yourself, write it down on paper, and repeat it in your head throughout the day. Let the words linger in your mind, and if they lose their power, change them to reflect what you want to hear, e.g., I am kind. I am loved. I am worthy. Practice positive affirmations several times a day for at least 7 weeks to feel the full, amazing effects.Top tip: practice your affirmations while striking your ‘Superman’ pose.
  3. Wash away your worries.
    This relaxing ritual will leave you glowing inside and out and is wonderful for preparing your skin for treatments. Like when we turn our face to the sun, warmth on our skin triggers feelings of security and serenity. Using warm water, soak and rinse a towel and then gently hold it against your face for 2-3 minutes. If you’re short on time, use a wet facecloth while in the shower. Steam opens pores, increases blood flow, and softens skin. While your skin is rejuvenating, take a minute to open your mind and think about what brings you peace and happiness.This is a great time to wash away your worries and refocus your thoughts.
  4. Give your face a massage.
    Everyone loves being pampered, but we don’t often pamper ourselves. Next time you apply your daily moisturiser or serum, slow it down. Use gentle circular or tapping motions with your fingertips around your eyes, forehead, and temples. These areas are soothing sensory spots which will help to ease tension in your body and mind while allowing your skin to soak up the goodness of our treatments.
  5. Get your beauty sleep.
    And we’re not talking about squeezing in a few hours here and there. Getting a full 8 hours of sleep allows your skin to enter a regenerative phase, producing collagen that helps to firm skin and repair damage. To improve your sleep quality, try making sure you are getting enough exercise in throughout the day. Avoid caffeinated or surgery foods in the evening.Take a break from any digital screens at least 30 minutes before going to bed. If you wake in the night, avoid looking at your phone and instead try counting backwards slowly from 100.You will wake feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to seize the day.

Now you know about emotional skincare, it’s time to put it into practice.

Using ingredients that purposefully soothe, revive, and replenish, our Self Care Rituals provide the perfect bundle of treatments to nurture the connection between your mind and body, reducing stress and boosting confidence. Browse our Self Care Rituals to discover skincare that can change your mind.

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Emma Johnson

Nice to meet you I'm Dr. Dermacare! I created the Dr. Dermacare brand as a way to combine my two passions, Psychology & skincare. I have struggled with my skin on & off for many years & have learned first-hand, that overcoming a skin condition takes more than a clear complexion. While we work to fade physical scars & imperfections, we rarely think to treat the psychological scars. In fact, many people don’t even know they’re there. That’s where Psychodermatology comes into play, & why Dr. Dermacare’s goal has always remained simple: to deliver scientifically backed, results-driven products that give you happy skin and a happy mind. I can’t wait to share our amazing, purpose- driven products with you!