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What we stand for

Skincare that gives you purpose

Skincare that changes
your mind.

Forget business, this is personal. We understand the emotional impact skin concerns can have on our minds. That’s why Psychodermatology plays a critical role in our product development. Our aim is to create functional skincare products for healthy skin and happy minds.

We stand for serving
with purpose.

Our purpose is to create derma rollers and skincare that not only give you great results, but also improve your overall well-being. Our derma roller is a TGA listed, 100% natural anti-ageing tool, that works purposefully in harmony with your skin, and our active ingredients are scientifically proven to give you visible results.

We stand for you.
We stand beside you.

With over 18 years experience and expertise in Psychology and skincare, we are more than qualified to help you with your skincare rituals. We never let pride get in the way of a positive customer experience, that’s why we have a guarantee that is second to none!

Best Sellers

  • Derma roller with be sassy and sanitiser bundleDermaroller infographic Bella rolling face

    Repair MY Complexion Self Care Ritual


  • hyaluronic acid serum

    Be Happy


  • Cleanses & ExfoliatesComplexion cleansing cushion infographic

    Complexion Cleansing Cushion




Nice to meet you, I'm Dr. Dermacare!

I created the Dr. Dermacare brand as a way to combine my two passions, Psychology and skincare. I have struggled with my skin for many years & have learned first-hand, that overcoming a skin condition takes more than a clear complexion. While we work to fade physical scars and imperfections, we rarely think to treat the psychological scars. In fact, many people don’t even know they’re there.

That’s where Psychodermatology comes into play and why Dr. Dermacare’s goal has always remained simple: to deliver scientifically backed, results-driven products that give you happy skin and a happy mind.

Warmest wishes,

Dr Dermacare offers the best derma rollers in Australia and New Zealand| Skin psychology Expert Emma Johnson explains

PS. Check out our EXTRA- ordinary money back guarantee here I think you’ll love it as much as we do!


Derma roller supercharge your

Relax and roll with our high-precision, derma roller.
Using only surgical grade,  stainless steel needles, our derma roller will help you achieve visibly faster results from your skincare routine.
Boost collagen, reduce fine lines, and get the glow you’ve only ever dreamed about!
Take just 5 minutes a day, in the comfort of your own home, to roll back the years naturally with a Dr. Dermacare derma roller!

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Dermarolling 101

Watch this video and learn how quick and easy it is to reduce wrinkles, scarring and pigmentation, all from the comfort of home.


Stress & our skin

Did you know, self care and skincare work in harmony to help boost your mood and your confidence? By pampering your skin, you trigger a cascade of chemicals that help you feel good. This is called Psychodermatology and is the connection between your skin and your mind. Make your emotional well-being a priority and add purposeful moments of pleasure to your day with Dr. Dermacare.

PS. Take our Psychodermatology quiz to see how your mood is affecting your skin

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Don't worry, Be Happy

Dry or dull skin?
Not anymore. Hydrate, balance and strengthen in one.
We heard you’re looking for instant hydration that gives your skin an undeniable glow-but you’re tired of superficial results that disappear as quickly as they came.
You want a deeper connection with your skincare. You want skin that makes you Happy.

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