Complexion Cleansing Cushion

Love to glow?
Dr. Dermacare’s gentle 3-in-1 Complexion Cleansing Cushion brings skincare and simplicity together, giving you the only skin cleansing pad you’ll ever need. Purposefully designed with your skincare routine in mind, the dual sides allow you to instantly remove all makeup, cleanse and exfoliate your skin using only water. Reusable and sustainable.



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The Materials

100% Microfiber.

The Basics

Keep harsh chemicals away from your face, and harness the goodness of natural, effective skin support. Your skin will glow with gratitude.

The Science

Suitable for all skin types, the Complexion Cleansing Cushion is reusable, non-toxic, and free  from harmful chemicals. The fibers in the cushion gently & lovingly lift all makeup, dirt and excess oil., leaving you with clean, glowing skin.

The Psychology

With a focus on Pyschodermatology, all of our products are designed to help you look your best so that you can feel your best. Moments of self- care trigger chemicals in our brain that make us feel good. Our Complexion Cleansing Cushion is gentle and calming , just perfect for self care Sunday’s!

How to use:

  1. Simply soak your cushion in water before gently buffing your skin in a circular motion.  Complexion Cleansing Cushion’s innovative design provides you with a dark side for cleaning  away makeup and dirt, and a light side for gently cleansing and exfoliating. The microfiber  material is designed to clear away dirt, grease and makeup from the skin without stripping any  natural oils.
  2. Rinse well after use and lay out to dry.


How to wash:

  1. Rinse daily after use and lay flat to dry.
  2. For a deep clean, hot machine wash every fortnight.
  3. For best results, place Complexion Cleansing Cushion within the mesh laundry bag (available with selected bundles) ( LINK to bundle with washbag in shop) to protect the fibres of the cushion. Do not use fabric softener or stain remover on your Complexion  Cleansing Cushion as this may leave unwanted chemicals on the fibres.
  4. Letting your Complexion Cleansing Cushion air dry is recommended.

Frequently asked questions

Does the Complexion Cleansing Cushion help with my complexion?

The Complexion Cleansing Cushion actively works to soothe and cleanse skin by working with water, and reducing the amount of chemicals applied to your face. The microfiber is an effective exfoliant while also being anti-traumatic to delicate skin layers, reducing abrasiveness that may lead to redness.

How do I know if the Complexion Cleansing Cushion is suitable for my skin type?

The Complexion Cleansing Cushion is dermatologist approved to work for skin rather than against it, making it suitable for every skin type! By eliminating the use of chemical products, the skin’s natural oils are protected which prevents an imbalance that may lead to skin stress. Because  of its hypoallergenic, anti-traumatising texture, microfiber is suitable for all skin types including damaged, sensitive or aging skin.

Are Dr. Dermacare products tested on animals?

Absolutely not. Dr. Dermacare products are proudly CRUELTY FREE and VEGAN!

How does the Complexion Cleansing Cushion work?

Complexion Cleansing Cushion’s microfiber material has a denier (thread density) finer than silk, making it extremely soft and gentle. The tiny fibres lift and clear away dirt, grease and makeup from your pores, leaving skin fresh and glowing without being stripped of any natural oils. Complexion Cleansing Cushion’s innovative design provides you with a dark side for cleaning away makeup and dirt, and a light side for gently cleansing and exfoliating, which prevents transferring build up back onto skin for a fresher, cleaner result. 

Can I use my Complexion Cleansing Cushion if I’m not wearing makeup?

Absolutely! The Complexion Cleansing Cushion works in harmony with skin’s natural composition, meaning you don’t have to be wearing makeup for it to be beneficial. The Complexion Cleansing Cushion can still lift away dirt or oil that collects in pores, leaving your skin fresh, clear and radiant.

Will it remove waterproof/long wearing makeup?

When used with warm water the Complexion Cleansing Cushion can easily remove even waterproof or long-wearing makeup. For best results, soak the Complexion Cleansing Cushion in warm water and place over an area of waterproof makeup for 5-10 seconds. Then gently buff in a circular motion to break down the makeup and lift away from skin.

Why should I use warm water?

When used with the Complexion Cleansing Cushion to remove makeup, warm water works to soften the oils and products in makeup which makes it easier to break down and clean off skin. Warm water also opens pores enabling the Complexion Cleansing Cushion’s fibres to delve into pores and clear them of build-up.

When cleansing and exfoliating with the Complexion Cleansing Cushion both warm and cool water is effective.

How long does the Complexion Cleansing Cushion last?

Designed to reduce waste and replace disposable makeup wipes, the Complexion Cleansing Cushion will last you up to 100 machine washes, or between 3-4 years!

Can I use cleansing products, toner, or any other skin product with my Complexion Cleansing Cushion?

Although it won’t change the effectiveness, you can incorporate any of your makeup removing, cleansing, or exfoliating products with your Complexion Cleansing Cushion. Make sure you rinse well after use and follow the machine wash guidelines to prevent any product from building up on the Complexion Cleansing Cushion fibres.

How do I know when to replace my Complexion Cleansing Cushion?

Like all fabrics receiving regular use, the Complexion Cleansing Cushion fibres will naturally wear down. We recommend rotating use between two or more Complexion Cleansing Cushions to prolong their lifespan.

What is Psychodermatology?

Psychodermatology is the practice of combining knowledge of skin (dermatological) and mental (psychological) wellness.

When we show our skin a little extra love, it triggers an emotional response that helps to improve our mood and build confidence. At Dr. Dermacare we want to change the way you think about skincare. Our range of products are purposefully designed to ignite that sense of joy and nourish both your body and mind.

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Our Guarantee

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We’re dedicated to the best results for you, even if they’re not with us.That’s right. If our derma-roller doesn’t achieve the results we promised*, we’ll give your money back^. Not only that, we’ll help fund the next phase of your self-care journey.

So, if the derma roller isn’t working out, we’ll contribute $50 to a service that gets you that feeling (and the look) you deserve. Whether your idea of self-care is a Reiki session, a yoga retreat or just purchasing a new meditation app, we want to help. We stand by our products, but we stand with you! 

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