Boost MY Hydration Self Care Ritual

1 x .3mm Relax & Roll Dermaroller
1 x Be Happy Serum
1 x Dermaroller Professional Sanitiser Spray


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Boost the Benefits

  • Gives your skin deep hydration & a healthy, dewy glow
  • Plumps, firms & softens wrinkles
  • Supports & balances skin microbiota
  • Supercharge your serums with a derma roller & dramatically increase their effectiveness

Perfect for:

  • Dry & dehydrated skin
  • Dullness
  • Fine lines & wrinkles

The perfect pair

Be Happy contains a handpicked blend of rich ingredients carefully sourced for purpose, potency and function.

Our commitment to quality, means all of our serums perform exceptionally well as standalone skincare products. Still, exceptional doesn’t cut it when it comes to our passion for healthy skin. That’s why we’ve bundled Be Happy with our globally celebrated Derma-Roller.

You should choose the Be Happy & Derma-Roller bundle…

…If you love getting more bang for your buck!
Applying Be Happy Serum before or after using your original Derma-Roller increases overall serum efficiency. Not only that, you can increase penetration by up to 100%. Accessing deeper layers of your skin means improvements can happen at a more structural level, and results may last longer.

You’ll regret missing out on the Be Happy & Derma-Roller bundle…

…If you want to target multiple skincare concerns in one easy self-care session.
Using the Derma-Roller is painless and fun! The micro-points on Dr Dermacare derma-roller stimulate an entirely natural repair process in your skin.

While Be Happy Serum works its own magic, your derma-roller will be working to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and pigmentation. That’s just to name a few!

The Boost MY Hydration self care ritual includes:

Dermaroller of your choice.
Choose from the .3mm roller ( beginner) or the advanced .5mm roller.
Rolling the cylinder against your skin creates hundreds of tiny micro-channels, allowing active ingredients in serums to penetrate up to 100% deeper. Studies show only 5-10% of the ingredients in your skin care products penetrate your skin! So, get  more bang for your buck with an at home skin needling routine that maximises product efficiency.
Comes with detailed instructions for use.

Be Happy Super Plump Hyaluronic Acid & Prebiotic serum (30ml).
We created our high-strength hyaluronic acid serum with your needs in mind. The 4 different types of HA in Be Happy deeply hydrate and strengthen the skin barrier, while prebiotics work behind the scenes in creating a positive, meaningful change to your skin.

Dermaroller Professional Sanitiser Spray ( 40ml)
Maintaining and caring for your derma roller is just as important as using it correctly. Our sanitiser spray is safe and easy to use. It will disinfect your roller in just 3 minutes.

How to use

Follow the detailed instructions that come with your dermaroller.

  1. Cleanse your skin, then gently roll vertically, horizontally and diagonally.
  2. After rolling apply Be Happy Serum.
  3. Apply other serums/ creams that are part of your daily routine.
  4. If you apply sunscreen daily, you may prefer to roll in the evening, or wait 15 minutes for the micro channels in your skin to close.
  5. Cleanse your roller with the Dr. Dermacare Sanitiser Spray.

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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee Takes the Stress out of Skincare

We’re dedicated to the best results for you, even if they’re not with us.That’s right. If our derma-roller doesn’t achieve the results we promised*, we’ll give your money back^. Not only that, we’ll help fund the next phase of your self-care journey.

So, if the derma roller isn’t working out, we’ll contribute $50 to a service that gets you that feeling (and the look) you deserve. Whether your idea of self-care is a Reiki session, a yoga retreat or just purchasing a new meditation app, we want to help. We stand by our products, but we stand with you! 

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